Electrical Installation Condition Reports

An EICR report, known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a report completed to accurately assess the fundamental safety of the existing electrical installations within a premises (Domestic or Commercial) and this is used to analyse and explain the condition of the electrical installation.

How can Hollis Electrical Services help?

Here at Hollis Electrical Services, we know that not everyone will know when a report is required or even know what an Electrical Installation Condition Report is but we are on hand to help.

On a time that suits your schedule, one of our electrical experts can come to the property to assess the electrical installation and decide what options are best suited going forward as each and every property condition will vary

If and when the Electrical Installation Condition Report, you will be provided a full copy of the report and if you need any help understanding it, we are more than happy to talk you through what it all means.

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